Terms and Conditions

THIS AGREEMENT is between the OWNER and GUESTS residing in the property.

Guest shall rent on a short-term basis from the Owner the property for the agreed upon arrival and departure dates and rates.  Basic rental fee does not include 11.5% State sales tax, State and local accommodations taxes. Tax rates are calculated according to State sales tax, State and local accommodations taxes and fees and local laws in force at the time of this Agreement. Guest is responsible for payment of all applicable taxes in effect at time of occupancy. This must be paid prior to your arrival. Balances are due one month prior to arrival.

No open fires of any kind are prohibited on the island.
NO FIREARMS are allowed on the island.

Cancellation Policy:  ALL GUEST CANCELLATIONS MUST BE IN WRITING. If you cancel your reservation, the confirmation deposit will be held until the property has been booked and confirmed for the same rental period for the same rate. There are NO exceptions. If the property is reserved for only part of the rental period or for less rent for the reserved days, the deposit will be refunded minus any uncollected rent for the rental period. All guest cancellations are subject to a cancellation-processing fee of 10% of the rental rate ($100.00 Minimum).
a.  A home that is unacceptable to the guest is considered a cancellation.
b.  Watson Property Management Group, LLC may cancel a Reservation, if, in its sole opinion, it is in the best interest of the Owner.
c.   Watson Property Management Group, LLC is not responsible for the weather or other Acts of God and there will be no refunds.
d.  Travel Insurance protects you from losses you may incur because of unforeseen circumstances, such as illness, injuries, and MANDATORY hurricane evacuations. (If you choose to VOLUNTARILY evacuate, you will NOT receive a refund for the days remaining in your stay.  Because Dewees Island issues a mandatory evacuation order before the mainland area does, a Dewees Island ordered evacuation will be considered MANDATORY). Travel Insurance must be purchased at the time you make your reservation.
Agency and License: Watson Property Management Group, LLC is acting solely as agent for the Owner. Guest is NOT a tenant and has acquired no leasehold in the property. Guest is a Licensee of the Owner pursuant to S.C. State Code 45-2-20 et. seq. The term "rent" is used for convenience only.

Comparable Units: Watson Property Management Group, LLC reserves the right to change the unit reserved to a comparable unit. Advance notice will be given if time permits.

Guest will restrict occupancy to the stated limit for the reserved property at all times. In the event that additional visitors beyond lease limit stay overnight, tenant will be charged $100 per person per night.
Guest agrees to honor check-in and check-out times and to pay an early check-in or late departure fee. There is limited capacity for luggage on ferry. Please check with us to be sure that your arrival or departure time does not conflict with another group. If the property is not vacated at check out time, Watson Property Management Group, LLC is hereby authorized to remove Guests' belongings from the property at Guest's expense.
There is a two dog limit on properties which allow dogs.  No pets of any other kind are allowed.  Dogs must be up to date on their shots and medications, including flea and tick treatments.  Dogs should be well behaved. Watson Property Management Group, LLC and property owners are held harmless in case of any injury due to dogs.

Dogs are to be leashed when outside and leashed at all times when on the Dewees ferry and the surrounding docks and parking lots.  Dogs may only be off leash on the front beach between Osprey Walk and Ancient Dunes Walk.  
Dogs may only be off leash if under solid voice command.  Owners are responsible for cleaning up pet mess.  If the dogs are left alone in the house, they should be crated or otherwise contained.  Failure to comply with any of these pet rules will result in the loss of your lease without any refunds.

Renters agree to educate themselves and guests regarding the island rules and guidelines set forth in the Dewees Islanders Constitution, below, as well as state laws regarding fishing and respect for wildlife.  Failure to follow those rules and laws may result in loss of lease; all monies will be forfeited and you will be asked to leave the island.
This Agreement may not be transferred or assigned.
Guest authorizes Watson Property Management Group, LLC employees and/or contractors access to the property when Watson Property Management Group, LLC determines that it is necessary.
Motor homes, trailers, boats and motorcycles are NOT allowed.
Watson Property Management Group, LLC makes reasonable efforts to insure that our properties are ready for our Guest's arrivals. However, due to the seasonal nature of our business, all properties may not be cleaned by check-in time. No refunds will be given should this occur.
Disturbance: Occupancy and use of the premises and amenities shall not be in a manner that disturbs residents or other Guests. Watson Property Management Group, LLC has the right to terminate this Agreement, ask disruptive Guests to vacate and all monies will be forfeited. This is a secluded island for people that want peace and quiet.  Guests must comply with all environmental, pet and other policies of the Dewees Island Property Owners Association.  Failure to comply with these policies may result in the termination of Guest’s lease.
Accidents: Guest agrees to hold owner and Watson Property Management Group, LLC harmless for any accident or injury whatsoever that may occur on the rental property or the surrounding area during occupancy.  In the event of an emergency, call 911.Additional Fees and Charges:
Cleaning: basic cleaning is included in the rental rate. You can help keep costs low by leaving the property cleaner than you found it.
Any damages or excessive cleaning fees will be charged in arrears.
Guest agrees to notify us immediately of damages to home or golf carts.
Returned Payment: A $30.00 Returned Check Fee will be charged if a Guest's check is returned for any reason.
Collection: To the extent permitted by applicable law, Guest agrees to pay all court costs, collections costs and reasonable attorney fees incurred by Watson Property Management Group, LLC in the collection of any monies deemed owed to Watson Property Management Group, LLC pursuant to this Agreement.
Garbage: All trash and recycling is to be, bagged, removed, and placed in the proper receptacles on the island. There is a $50.00 charge per bag left in the house for removal of garbage.
Ferry charges:  Guest will pay for ferry passes prior to boarding the ferry. If the Dewees Property Owners Association increases or decreases the charge for the ferry, the increase or decrease will be passed through to the Guest.
Repairs: Due to the difficulties of obtaining service at certain hours (Ferry Schedule), Watson Property Management Group, LLC is not responsible for air conditioning or any other appliance that fails to operate properly or for other maintenance issues, including, but not limited to, pest control and housekeeping. While NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN, breakdowns and other maintenance issues will be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. Guest agrees to notify Watson Property Management Group, LLC as soon as a maintenance problem occurs. Guest will not attempt to make repairs himself.

Pest Control: Because we are located in a tropical area, pest control services are performed regularly. To keep the pest population under control, Guest agrees to allow pest technicians access to their rental unit.
Personal Items: Watson Property Management Group, LLC is NOT responsible for Guest's personal belongings that are lost, stolen or left behind, and we will not retrieve these items for you. Please check your belongings carefully before leaving the Island.

Golf Cart Privileges: All golf carts are subject to all laws applicable to the operation of a motor vehicle (DRIVERS MUST HAVE A VALID DRIVERS LICENCE). No vehicles of any kind may be driven on the beach or in salt water. Violation is subject to a one hundred dollar ($100.00) fine and revocation of the privilege. Any damage, malicious damage or neglect to these carts will be result in additional charges.  All drivers should be over 18 and sign the golf cart waiver before driving on the island.

Watercraft: No jet skis or watercraft of any kind may be brought to the Island or tied at the Dewees Island docks.  Guests may use community kayaks and canoes at their own risk so long as they wear life jackets. Only owners may bring their own boats to the island.

Suggested Items: THERE ARE NO STORES ON THE ISLAND. You will be transporting your belongings by Ferry and Golf Cart. We suggest that you pack lightly and go to the grocery store after you have located your rental property and unloaded your belongings.

Parking: Guests may have no more than 2 cars left in the parking lot.

Policy Changes: Dewees Island, The Dewees Marina and Dewees Ferry are controlled by a Property Owners Assocation (“POA”).  From time to time the POA changes policies and charges, including charges for ferry passes. Guests are responsible for complying with all these policies and paying the charges they incur.

Errors: Errors in pricing and descriptions rarely occur. Guest will be notified of errors and if in the opinion of Watson Property Management Group, LLC, it substantially changes the terms and conditions of this agreement, Guest may cancel the Reservation within 5 business days after receiving such notification and Guest will receive a FULL refund.

Conflicts and Controlling Law: This Agreement shall be interpreted and enforced according to the laws of the State of South Carolina. The invalidity of any one or more provisions of this Agreement shall in no way effect any other provisions.

Dewees Island’s property owners and staff would like to welcome you to our community.  We value our culture of respect, stewardship, and sustainability.  We ask that as you begin your visit, for the first time or as a returning guest, you commit to being a part of our community.

Dewees Island is a community based on respect : respect for resources, for wildlife, for our waterways; respect of the land, for our neighbors, homes, community resources, and for other’s time.
Please treat the staff, public safety officers and other residents with utmost respect;
Obey all state and federal laws;
Do not use a golf cart without owner’s permission and a legal driver’s license, and signing the golf cart waiver (each driver.)          
Drive golf carts only on the roads. 
Dewees Island is a sanctuary — a haven for wildlife and a refuge for those seeking to dwell gracefully within nature and experience her ways. Our common property areas provide recreation and sanctuary for all of us.
Please treat common areas as if you are solely responsible for their care:
Take care of the games and resources in the Huyler House;
Clean up after yourself, children and pets;
Follow safety rules for the pool. 
Dewees Island is a place for harmony —harmony between ourselves in the community, and harmony with nature.   We are committed to being stewards of the Island’s natural amenities rather than merely taking from them. Our actions and choices affect all others on the island and beyond. The plants and animals here are part of the natural ecosystem.
Please do not feed or harass alligators, raccoons or other animals and do not harm native vegetation.
Be sure trash, recycling, fishing scraps and compostable waste are put in the appropriate places.  Be sure that groceries and trash are not left available to raccoons, rats, and other wildlife;
Obey state and island harvesting guidelines when crabbing and fishing.  Label fish traps, crab pots, and minnow keepers and place them ONLY on the outside of the impoundment.
Do not use chicken for crabbing in the impoundment.
Do throw cast net bycatch on the outside of the impoundment.
The dunes protect the island from storms and tidal events, and the grasses and plants which grow on them help stabilize the entire island. The beach is a valuable habitat for nesting shorebirds.
Please leave the beach cleaner than you found it.  Limit treasure collecting to your best three shells so there are shells left for other people and creatures to find.  Remove shelters and equipment from the beach and the access walkways. Fill in large holes from sand castles;
Do not walk or play on the dunes or drive golf carts on the beach;Keep your dog on voice or leash command and out of the shorebird nesting areas at the ends of the island.